Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good News Everyone

This week we had great news from our corporate sponsor Heathrow Scientific! Mark Shelton, the company's Global Sales Director, will be coming to Leicester in a few weeks to delivery a van load of ex-display laboratory equipment, and to meet the iGEM team (photos to follow!). It is fantastic that, despite the dire economic situation, companies are still able to come up with creative ways to support great ideas like iGEM. Of course we'll be documenting how important this equipment is to the iGEM project on the wiki... perhaps we should have a competition to come up names for the kit. 

In other news we're really going to have to get the iGEM lab organised - the iGEM mothership lab will be shipping the 2012 "distribution kits" in the next two weeks! These kits are the microwell plates containing the standard DNA parts for teams to use in the project - the parts are fairly stable for shipping but need to be kept safe - each well contains only enough plasmid DNA to transform into bacterial cells, so we'll have to make sure that our microbiological technique is up to scratch before we start.

Post by Dr Richard Badge

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