Monday, 21 May 2012

In the Media

Within the last few days, the team has appeared several times in the media. Most notably, we appeared on the BBC website yesterday (20th May): after Our Project leader Christopher Morton appeared on the Ben Jackson Show on BBC Radio Leicester (available on iPlayer until the 25th of may).

Today (21st May) we've appeared in Packaging News:

We also appeared in a University of Leicester press release on the 18th May (which can be read here:, so don't be surprised to see us crop up elsewhere shortly!

More can be found out about our citizen science experiment on the citizen science page. The kit can be bought here on the blog by the PayPal button to your left, however this is limited to the United Kingdom only. You can also email the team at for any questions or for alternate methods to buy a experiment kit.

Thank you,
Luke Thompson
Lab Leader

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  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks...

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