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On this page you will find out information about each team member along with a photo. Thank you for you time.
This is the Team who are Registered on the team roster on our iGEM page and are participating in Leicester iGEM.

Christopher Morton - Project Leader
Undergraduate - Biological Sciences
Christopher Morton - Project leader
"Can it be done? Let’s find out."
I am interested in all areas of science and finding the new area of synthetic biology greatly rewarding. I first heard about the iGEM competition whilst undertaking A-levels in my home town of Peterborough, however I never thought I would be leading a team for the University of Leicester. I have great enthusiasm towards the project and will do my uppermost to do it justice and see it through to the end, it'll be a tough ride, but rewarding.

Anthony Cox - vice Project Leader
Undergraduate Genetics 
Anthony Cox - Vice Project Leader
"Open your eyes..."
Having had two early strokes of fortune - spotting the words "iGEM Student Stipends" on the Wellcome Trust website whilst looking for funding for a Summer internship, and having a personal tutor already incredibly interested in the iGEM competition - I seemed set to be the team's lucky charm. But clearly we need more than luck to accomplish this, and I'm focussed on putting all my time and effort over the coming weeks (aside from that required for my degree) into the project.

Nathan Hanna  -  Web master
Undergraduate - Genetics 
Nathan Hanna  -  Web master
"It's life Jim, but not as we know it..."
Coming to Leicester from Northern Ireland was a bit of a shock to the system but I'm glad I took part in so many things here, including this. I've always had an interest in biology but Genetics was the subject that really called to me, so taking part in a synthetic biology competition is something I can really devote myself too, especially given that I'll be writing up things and keeping other parts updated as Webmaster, it should be an interesting experience.
Don't ever give up, trust your instincts

Luke Thompson - Lab leader
Undergraduate - Biochemistry
Luke Thompson - Lab leader
"And now for something completely different..."
There was a large difference between Leamington Spa, and Leicester, but the change in scenery is one that I will never regret. I didn't know what I wanted to do before I started sixth form, only that I wanted to go to university, but I've always been interested in science and particularly enjoy the practical aspects (hence why I'm a lab leader). Biochemistry became my preferred specialism in biology during my first term at sixth form, and I am now particularly interested in transcription and translation of genes. The lab leader's responsibility is to make sure that everyone knows what they're meant to do each day

William Harrison - deputy lab leader
Undergraduate biochemistry 
William Harrison - Deputy lab Leader
"So long and thanks for all the fish"
Coming from Nuneaton to Leicester was not a massive change to the system, but this is. Always been interested in science and so this is a step in the right direction, scientific awards are some of the most prestigious you can achieve; noble prize, MacArthur genius grant etc. So you have to start somewhere and this is an ideal launch pad for that dream. But everything requires money and that's where i come in as chief fundraiser.

Philip Higgs - Treasurer
Undergraduate - Medical Biochemistry

Philip Higgs - Treasurer

"Philip by name, wizard by nature…"
A simple boy from down south, with a 30-minute drive to the nearest “civilisation”, coming to Leicester was a big step up. However I soon settled in, now spending my summer period with these 9 people to make our genetically engineered machine. I have endless pools of energy to keep the team up and running throughout the project.

Emily Halsey - Bioinformatician
Undergraduate - Computer Scientist
Emily Halsey - Bioinformatician

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

Mohammed Idres - Organic Chemist
Undergraduate - Chemist
Mohammed Idres - Organic Chemist

“In God we trust. . .”
So I live a few minutes from Leicester in Birmingham. Coming here has not been such a hard task since most of my work is home based and meetings with other members via google+. From a young age I had always found interest in atoms and it was only natural I went down the science pathway. My ambitions are to be part of drug research and development so my role as organic chemists really fitted in to my goals. As one of the organic chemists my role is to devise a chemical route for the breakdown of polystyrene.

Reema Naran - Organic
Undergraduate - Chemist

                  Reema Naran - Organic Chemist

I live in London. Interactions with group members is by Google hangouts. I am an organic chemist working on the iGEM team. This is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of something that will benefit generations to come. I aspire to be an organic researcher. In the near future I hope to take my career further in drug design and make a positive contribution to the scientific field. As one of the organic chemists, my role is to devise a chemical route for the breakdown of polystyrene.

Dr. Richard Badge

Professor Julian Ketley

Dr. Raymond Dalgleish

Other people who help the team

  • Grace Hodson
  • Neil Nathwani 
  • Hannah Roberts

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