The iGEM team now has new ways you can support the cause!

Rockethub - For all our supporters abroad we've now set up a rockethub profile complete with a team created video to watch. Rockethub allows funding in dollars or other currencies from people all around the world allowing you to help the team (although the amount raised will be calculated in dollars). Check us out there and see what we've come up with :) .
For what rockethub itself is about, its a sponsorship-reward system whereby you donate a certain amount and we give you cool things in exchange. So really if you want a bit more recognition for your sponsorship, or just want some iGEM goodies it could be right for you! We even have UoL iGEM t-shirts up for grabs for larger donations, as well as sponsorship opportunities to get your name/business on them.  Head over to the site to lean a bit more, or check out the widget to the left of this page. If you like the look of one of our rocket hub rewards, simply click on it, to bring up the full list and make it possible to fuel our project.

E-Quiz - A new E-Quiz has been set up, allowing you to take part in a fun quiz to teach you a little about iGEM as well as to see what your knowledge is on a range of topics (including a bit about us.) Entrance is £1.50 and can be bought easily here on the blog by the PayPal button to your left. The winner of the quiz will be the person who answers the most correct questions, with 1st prize being your very own iGEM t-shirt which all of the team wear with pride, as well as some runner up prizes. Careful, it isn't just science making the quiz great for everyone, so knowing some other trivia will help! As this is a E-Quiz, there is a honesty clause of not using the internet for the answers ( apart from on the iGEM and blog round) and to keep this fun and fair between everyone we have put in some riddles and questions to get you thinking which you won't be able to Google.
If you viewing this by Mobile Blogger, and want to take part in the quiz, here is the link to buy a single entrance to the quiz . The E-Quiz is open to all of our viewers with the deadline for buying and submitting your answers being the 8th of October 2012. If you do not have a PayPal or wish to buy using an alternate method don't hesitate to email the team at or talk to one of our team in person.
Good Luck Everyone!

***** E-Quiz Entrance Deadline Passed***** However you can still buy the E-Quiz as a fun activity to do to help raise funds for the cause.

Citizen Science - The kits are still available to get your hands on by the PayPal button to the left of this page, however stocks of kits are running out fast! So get your hands on one before they run out. More information on the experiment on the tab at the top of this page.

As well as these platforms, watch out for members of the team doing events around the University of Leicester. We are hoping to keep playing a active role in the open day's to promote iGEM at Leicester, including having our "Design Your Own, with bacteria icing" cake sales outside of the Adrian building for people who want to find out more about iGEM as well as keeping the sweet tooth happy. The next university open day is on the 22nd of September, however there are campus tours available from the 20th to the 31st of August with more information available at


  1. Thanks to Tracy Hanna for sponsoring on Rockethub!

  2. Thanks to Jeni Lamont, Liane Verwey, Allie and Richard Badge for sponsoring us on Rockethub!