Friday, 6 July 2012

A call to all Citizen Scientists!

Citizen scientists,  it's time for you to dig up your polystyrene strips and send them back to us! On Monday we will start to analyse your samples in the lab, searching for that illusive polystyrene degrading bacteria. Don't forget you could get your contribution recognised in a published research article – citizen scientists whose samples harbour polystyrene-eaters will be invited to be authors on the paper reporting the team’s findings.

If you have only recently purchased your kits or they have not been in the ground for more than 4 weeks, they can be left in the ground for longer; with the ideal time being between 4-8 weeks. Kits starting with 01# should be ready to send back.
Keep a look out for a blog post, emails and tweets in one to two months time asking for your samples to be sent in. Even though we may not get round to processing your samples this summer period. Further samples will be held in storage for future entrance to the competition and are still very valuable.

View CSE Kits in a larger map

Above is a map showing where all of our CSE kits have come from, if you click on a pin it will show you a photo of the place where the sample was buried.
We are looking forward to adding your sample to map and analysing it in the lab. Please remember to return your sample with the signed health and safety letter.

Thanks for reading,

Emily Halsey - Bioinformatician

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