Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Three quick updates

We have three important pieces of news to share with you! Each of them deserves a full post, but for now at least, here's a little information about each...

First of all, Christopher, Will, Luke, Emily and Dr Badge are all currently on their way to Jablite/Styropack, a producer of polystyrene who share our concern for the environment. While there they will be taking a tour of the factory and giving a presentation on our project, and hopefully they will be able to help us out as a new sponsor with a blog post on event afterwards.

Speaking of new sponsors...QIAGEN are on board! QIAGEN are a sample and assay technology company, and they have kindly donated £200 worth of kits for our project. Thank you, QIAGEN! (A link to their website is near the bottom of the page, alongside our other sponsors.)

Project leader Christopher Morton (left) and vice project
leader Anthony Cox (right). Artwork provided by a face
painter in the Environment Team.

And finally, the University of Leicester BioBlitz event on Saturday was a great success! We didn't sell as many cakes as we had hoped (Chris optimistically bought 48 - we sold 5!), but we got a few citizen science experiment kits sold, discussed our project with lots of people, doodled on lots of balloons, played with bubbles, and generally had a very good time! A huge thanks to our friends from the Environment Team, and everyone else who helped out with the BioBlitz!
William Harrison and Christopher Morton at our stall.

Nathan Hanna (left) and Luke Thompson (peering over the



Anthony Cox - Vice Project Leader.

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