Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sponsor the new team!

The new team

The new University of Leicester iGEM 2013 team is fully formed and ready to go!

The new team will be building on the 2012 quest to develop a bacteria to bio degrade polystyrene along with two other awesome arms to the project which can be seen on the new blog. This year, there is a new supervisor to help with the project, Dr Andrew Jamieson a Lecture in Organic chemistry, along with myself staying with the team as a advisor and the Lab Leader, Luke Thompson, also helping with the team.

There will be many chances for you to help the new team, with a new Citizen Science project being launched soon. Check out the new 2013 blog at http://uoligem.blogspot.co.uk/ where you can keep up to date with the progress of the new team and see how you can help.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

iGEM 2012 may be over but, watch out 2013 the University of Leicester iGEM Team is coming back!

We are currently looking for Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Medical Biological Sciences and Computer Scientist undergraduates at the university to become members of the 2013 team to take part in this awesome summer lab project.
Check out all of the fun you can have while learning new transferable skills to increase your employ-ability and how rewarding doing iGEM is for yourself here, on our Wiki, Facebook and of course Twitter.

Interested? Drop an email to Dr Richard Badge, or the iGEM@le.ac.uk email account and we'll be in touch.